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A few months ago, my friend Dan told me that he had a CD coming that would very much impress me. Well, yesterday, after all the hype, (and another recording of John Coltrane in Paris that sounded like two ducks fucking... or being slaughtered... one or the other...), he finally played it for me...

He pressed play.

Audience noise

Mick Jagger: This is something new... it's called "Dead Flowers."

Audience cheers as "Dead Flowers" begins...

I turned to Dan (I can only imagine the expression on my face) and managed to get out, "WHEN!?!"

"Sticky Fingers tour," he replied.

And let me tell you, this bootleg is to Sticky Fingers what Get Yer Ya-Yas Out! is to Let It Bleed! It is a smokin' performance, and Keith Richards is all about having a good time on it.

To make certain things clear... the first Rolling Stones album I got heavily into was Let It Bleed. I still stand by that album as being one of their best. I have found myself listening much more to Sticky Fingers as time goes on.

Well, the version of "Bitch" on Dan's CD is so energetic that it makes the album version appear somewhat anemic in comparison. Honestly, many of the songs that are on the CD from Sticky Fingers have a much more bluesy approach than what is found on that album, and the Stones are playing during their Golden Period, and it was just a fantastic Stones experience.

There is also a "Midnight Rambler" that rivals the Get Yer Ya-Yas Out recording. I'm serious.

The sound on the recording was monaural, but that was a minor quibble given the fact that it was a crystal-clear mono recording. The band was on, and you could catch every nuance, as though the recording was perfectly balanced.

It was such a great CD that when I went out to my car, and the Led Zeppelin How the West Was Won set was playing (I just loves my mp3 CD player, I was able to switch over to disc 2 of the BBC Sessions afterwards... technology can be wonderful) it inspired me something fierce for a scene in the project I've been working on.

I went into my parent's basement and pulled out some of the books from my youth, including A Wrinkle In Time, which I have been reading, Philip Jose Farmer's A Barnstormer In Oz and the Riverworld series (I know there was a Sci-Fi channel conflation of all five books into a two-hour movie which I did not see... and am afraid to), and Fred Saberhagens Book of Swords series. I read many of these books more than ten years ago now (A Wrinkle In Time I read when I was seven or eight, while the Riverworld books were read when I was in Junior High, so some of these are really ancient experiences for me), so it should be an interesting set of revisits.

I have been somewhat distracted, so I have not had the chance to complete several reviews that I have been working on for posting, consisting mostly of the more recent films that I have seen. They will be coming soon...
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